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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Types of Plant Breeding

Plant breeding is a science that deals with intermixing of plant varieties to produce new varieties having desired characteristics. In simple terms, two selective parent plants are taken to create an offspring plant with shared characteristics, the progeny is then studied to ensure the availability of desired traits.

Breeding of plants for getting desired characteristics has been in practice since the beginning of agriculture. As civilizations emerged, domestication of wild plants also started. Plant offspring that showed favourable traits were carried further and those with unfavourable characters were dropped. In this way a genetic pool evolved, and today the cultivated plants display characteristics that are very different from their wild ancestors.

Fundamentally, there are two types of breeding processes – Traditional and Modern.

Traditional Breeding of Plants

This process incorporates methodical crossing of closely or distinctly related varieties having certain desirable traits and some undesirable features to produce offspring that have more desirable traits. In this way, breeding of plants introduces new features from one of the varieties into a different genetic background. For example, offspring resulting from the cross are further crossed with high-yielding parent to ensure proper yield. Now the progeny is tested for yield and pest resistance and those with high yield and disease resistance are developed further. In case of flowers and ornamental plants, flower color, shape and size etc. are the factors that decide favorable features inherent in a plant.

Traditional breeding depends largely on homologous recombination of chromosomes to bring about genetic diversity. Traditional plant breeders may also use advanced options of in-vitro techniques viz. protoplast fusion, embryo rescue or mutagenesis to achieve diversity and produce hybrid varieties that otherwise may not exist naturally.

Traits Breeders Look for Incorporating in New Varieties

The traits that breeders look for include-

  • Better quality such as increase in nutrition, better flavor or enhanced beauty
  • High yielding capacity
  • Increased tolerance towards environmental conditions such as high temperature, salinity, draught etc)
  • Resistance against bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Increased resistance towards insect pests
  • Enhanced tolerance towards herbicides
  • Prolonged storage for harvested crops

Modern Breeding Techniques

Latest developments have enabled scientists to have a peek inside the genetic code of plants. Now scientists can examine the DNA of seeds to find the ones that will give best results. Methods like genetic marking and genetic modification can be used to induce desirable traits into plants and develop new varieties.

It is possible that the presence of a gene can affect a desirable trait in plant. Molecular biological tools such as DNA fingerprinting and genetic markers can be used for gene mapping. Plant breeders are then able to screen large plant populations with respect to a desirable trait. This screening is based upon the presence or absence of the gene of interest as determined by laboratory methods.

Steps Involved in Plant Breeding

  • Creation of variation
  • Selection
  • Evaluation
  • Release of new variety
  • Multiplication of new variety
  • Distribution of new variety

Horticulturists implement breeding of plants to develop new varieties of plants that have desirable traits and prove more worthy to the society. Though, it is a tedious and time consuming task, the end result is very fruitful. It can be said that this technology is very important for securing our future. If you are planning for a lovely garden you can contact with the experts to get the best breeds.

Tips to get a Garden in Balcony

One of the perks of living in compact buildings in the outskirts of the city is that you learn to make the best use of space around for things you want. In the outlying areas of any city where space is never for anything, you will have to make the best of whatever you’ve got. I wanted a nice garden and all the space I had beyond my living rooms was the balcony which wasn’t being used for anything else, so I thought it deserved a transformation. So ahead I went and after a few hours of work, I got my garden. Are you looking to do something similar with your balcony?

Why Balcony Gardening Is Difficult?

The biggest problem with balcony gardening is the absence of soil. There isn’t enough sun light, or perhaps excess sun. Then you have to figure out how to water your garden and finally there are kids pets to worry about. Once you have figured these points out it’s all about getting the following simple points right.

Setting up focal points in your garden

No garden, no matter how big or small is going to need a focal point. Some use evergreens to create focal points, other make use of size to create an aesthetic contrast in the garden, while some others explore pops of colour to create that effect. Find out what works best for you and create a focal point you like.

Find good container plants

Container plants don’t need a lot of space to grow – which makes them perfect for a balcony garden. Search for container plants and buy those online or you can approach your local nursery for seeds & saplings. This is also where you will find all the necessary instructions on growing them back home.

Get Good Designer Planters

The charm of your balcony garden will truly pop only when you use Designer planters. Finding illuminated planters isn’t that difficult. Tons of online sellers sell them and they will even ship it for an additional charge. This is where all the magic is. The exoticism of your balcony garden won’t be very evident unless you get premium Designer planters.

Protecting against elements

Protect your balcony plants against the onslaught of nature. Too much heat or rains will cause your plants to wither and die. Whenever you observe too much heat or rains, take a hint and bring your plants indoors to prevent serious damage.

Advantages of a Hydroponic Grow Box

The Hydroponic grow boxes have several advantages to itself. They are :

  • Non messy – Unlike planting a sapling on soil, the planting of a sapling in a hydroponic box is clean and non messy where one doesn’t have to soil their hands with mud and dirt and accordingly plant their desired plant with ease.
  • Functional in all weather conditions – Despite the changes in the weather outdoors, a hydroponic grow box can be used as and when one intends to whether it is hot or freezing cold outside. It doesn’t have any effect on the growth of the plant as the box is equipped with functionalities that aid to a normal growth of a plant.
  • Multifunctional – A hydroponic grow box is generally multi functional as when kept indoors in a house, it acts as a piece of attraction as well as a box to grow plants in them.
  • Untouched by pests – Since the hydroponic grow box is safely secured with glass walls and fitted in a box, there are no chances of pests attacking them and also since there is no presence of soil in the box, there are no chances of soil borne insects destroying the plant.

If used commercially, a hydroponic grow box gives better productivity as the roots are constantly taken care of by supplying the necessary nutrients from time to time. There are chances of the plants getting lesser amount of carbon dioxide while indoors but there is always a provision to supply external carbon dioxide to the plant that initiates the plants growth.

Way Attract Everyone use Sunjoy Gazebo

A gazebo can even be a place where anyone can enjoy a privy chat with a friend, and it can prove to be the perfect rendezvous for your next birthday party or even a marriage anniversary. They add variety and decoration to the garden or landscape one has. They are an ideal place to rest and relax. One can use them as rain-shelters too.

A sunjoy gazebo is going to be the ideal for your next gathering. But using high quality sunjoy gazebo is of the utmost importance to get the most satisfaction. It is certainly going to be the best way to attract more and more people to a public area like a park. This is going to be a place where people like you are going to find comfort and relaxation after a heavy walk or even a jog around the park.

The only point of caution is that you should be aware of the nuisance caused by mosquitoes. A mosquito net is the best way to make the day good. Using high quality sujoy gazebos is going to be the best way to keep away all mosquitoes and related problems. This is the best way to complete and comprehensive satisfaction.

This is going to keep away mosquitoes that can be a bother when anyone enjoys a cup of tea with some friends. The quality of the gazebo is to ensure it can stand the hard weather. This means it should stand through all kinds of seasons that are to come its way.

There is to be a cold and biting winter with some snowfall. The quality of the gazebo should be such that it should stand through the season. In some places, there are hard rains that can cause a lot of havoc. The building material of gazebos should be such that it can beat all the elements of nature.

It is always good to consider the quality of gazebos since they are an inherent part of the landscape in countries where the weather is warm and sunny. These gazebos bear a lot of the sun, and they should be made of such material that can bear the heat of the sun.

Gazebos are known to have been popular in quite a few civilizations like in China and Persia. There are many more examples dating back to millions of years in history. They can even be seen today in parts of England. These date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. They are a part of elaborate gardens.

Present day gazebos are usually made of wood. Artificial roofing structure is used to cover these gazebos. Many structures employ screens and nets to keep away mosquitoes and other flying insects. They have become a fad during festivals that commemorate music in the US and the UK.

An individual may be in any part of the world, all he needs to get hold of a quality gazebo is the internet. He is sure to find a wide assortment available on online portals. They even offer mosquito-nets that can be used with gazebos to enhance their utility.