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Herbs and Veggies that Growing Indoors

Cilantro with the lacy leaves and lush green make a pleasant vision. It add flavor to the dishes and can be grown easily indoors. It requires less care but ample light cilantro cannot stand much heat and requires only moderate amount of light from sun. So choose an east facing window or better a South facing one, for cilantro so that it gets the required light but not the intense heat. While watering, make sure that you add water just enough to moist the soil and do not drench it.

Lettuce is fast growing herb, perfect for an indoor garden. It can grow in warm weather but can also survive the cooler weather with 65-70 degrees F. it requires more light. Grow them in plastic bags or containers so that the moisture is retained inside. Lettuce is best when grown from the seeds. Once they grow mature, cut the leaves only allowing new sprouts to grow for a fresh batch. The containers can be placed on the balcony or window sill where there is ample sunlight but have some shade also. Choose your container wisely as lettuce can grow faster and crowd the pot.

Peppers are used in culinary but can also be a decorative piece indoors with its bright colored fruits. Peppers need plastic pots and keep them in warm environment. A well lit spot is just perfect for any type of pepper plant. Keep the plants moist. Grow from seeds and transplant the seeds to deeper pots when they are taller. Add enough fertilizers and water it to keep the plant and soil moist. Fruiting will happen within 100 days of transplantation. Harvest the fruits when they are ripe and shiny. Most pepper plants produce the fruits, throughout the season.

Spinach is a super food with much nutritive value. The spinach plant needs medium weather with nit much heat or cold. The normal room temperature is enough. A sunny spot is just perfect for spinach to grow healthy. What it needs is a deeper container to establish the roots. The container should be at least 8 inches deep. Spinach is the best option to grow during winter as it needs the moist weather and less heat. Avoid over exposure to the heat and light, it might produce tall flowers and make the leaves taste bitter. The Catalina variety is the most accepted variety of spinach to grow indoors.

Tomatoes are great tasting healthy vegetable or a fruit with lots of vitamins and other nutrients. Growing them indoors is easy and healthier option. They are grown indoors on dwarf plants. They are placed right near the window to get lots of heat and light. The South facing window is the best bet for tomatoes. One may also add a fluorescent light for extra lighting during winter when the light is less. While watering, keep the soil moist, at all times, but never soak it with water. Moderation is the key to successful indoor tomato growing.