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Tips Gardening in Summer

Successful gardening in summer might be a challenging task. So are you ready for it? No? Not to worry, as we’ll give you some simple yet effective summer gardening tips that will help your garden survive the wilting effects of summer.

Here are some best tips to keep your garden in a good condition and shape even during summer.

1. Take care of budding plants

If you’ve plants that drop the buds in summer, take good care of them. The plants in summer will dry out easily, especially when they are grown in outdoor planter pots. So you need to water them at least twice a week. Water the budding plants deeply during dry and hot weather.

2. Keep the pots in a cool place

During summer, your pots will be overheated. Therefore, try to place them away from the scorching sunlight. Instead of growing your plants in saucers of liquid, try growing them in sand and keep the sand moist.This will keep pots and plants cool, ensuring the healthy growth of plants.

3. Add nutrients to the water

When watering plants occasionally, try to water them deeply and add soluble fertilisers and other nutrients to water. This will help the plants get proper nutrients for better growth. You can use potash if you’ve fruits like mango or banana in your garden as it will improve the flavour and will control diseases as well.

4. Try to water in the morning

If you want the water to soak in before it gets evaporated, it is always better to water your plants in the morning. Moreover, the plants in the outdoor planter pots can use the water during the day that you supply to them in the morning. You can also water your plants in the evening, but there will be the risk of fungus formation. Why? It is because such organisms look for damp and dark places to grow.

5. Use cold water

When watering your plants in summer, make sure that you do not use hot water or a hose that has been heated up in the sun. Using hot water will stress the sensitive plants. So use cold water and store the hose in a cool place before watering. You can also run out the water that is heated before you water your plants.

This post will surely help you to make your garden look beautiful in summer as well. To make it look more appealing, you can use large outdoor planter pots. So get ready to enjoy your garden during this summer holidays.